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The following is a chronological photo testimonial from one of our satisfied homeowners.


FYI. . .an interesting project and some documentation of it for your records.

After living with painted cement on our front driveway for 6 years, we decided to rip it up and have pavers laid.  Much more aesthetic and much more durable.

Day one

It all began Monday with a bobcat came to rip up the cement, all 1200 square feet.  What a mess!

Rip up old painted concrete

Day 2

Shirley’s car and the golf cart were left in neighbors’ driveways because there was no way to drive over this battle zone.

Day 2 Battle zone.

Day 2 (continued)

Then the ground had to be prepared and compacted, which is all labor-intensive.  These guys were incredibly hard workers.

Day 2 (continued) Preparing the ground.

Day 3

Gradually the land was sufficiently compacted and prepared with sand to begin laying the brick.  

Began to lay brick

Day 4

Two guys supplied the pavers and two actually positioned each paver.

4 man crew laid the brick.

Day 5

They measured and moved their plumb lines to make it fit perfectly.  The color is called Victorian blend and the indentation in the
paver is called a Bergerac style, which is similar to cobblestone in France.

Bergerac style pavers, similar to cobblestone in France.

Daily lunch time

What was interesting about our crew, usually three, was their lunch break, which occurred around 11:30 for half an hour.  They brought a big (old) microwave and warmed their enchiladas for lunch.  They had a bottle of the hottest (muy caliente) salsa which covered their food.  I really enjoyed speaking Spanish with them.  They had some English, but really were glad to speak Spanish with me.

Old microwave to warm their enchiladas for lunch.

Day 5

This is our team of workers.  They look so young, but the guy on the right has a daughter who is 15. They finished at noon today and I took a picture.
The man on the left is from the state of Guerrero, which is quite south in Mexico, next to Chiapas (Cancun), and the other two are from Sonora, our neighboring Mexican state.  All have green cards and work  permits to be here.  Such hard and skilled workers.  We tipped them for their work and thanked them.

The crew


So here is the finished product.  Doesn’t make the house worth any more, but we surely like it.  Next new house (yeah, sure!), we’ll
just have the pavers done from the get-go.

Day 5, Friday, the finished driveway.

Oh, by the way, it’s only money (solamente diñero).

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